Zoltán Schmidt






Budapest, Hungary

+36 20 993 9186


University of Pécs

No degree, Business information technology

2012 - 2016

Professional Experience

Web developer, Nagy CZ

July 2020 - July 2022

Company is the Hungarian subsidiary of a French startup company involved in video streaming and pay-per-view services. Worked as the sole programmer on-site, working with the remote team online. My first workplace with English only communication.

Performed various development tasks on a huge range of websites with the use of Django, Docker containers, and on some occasion, with shellscripting. Details:

Backend developer, QAN Platform


Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

Working with simpler backend tools supporting the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency the company is developing.

Very little to say here actually, it was a temporary freelancer job where I worked with some friends, mostly while the coronavirus pandemic hit the country.


Backend developer, Rollet


Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

Company's major product is an application that provides mobile parking in dedicated lots for both individuals and B2B clients. I worked on the development of the API of the servers used on-site for tracking and communication. As this was a short period, most I did was bugfixes and a small number of new features.

This was my first time using Python in a professional environment, as well as my introduction to the Django framework and more pragmatic usage of Docker containers.


Junior backend developer, W5labs


Apr 2018 - Sept 2019

My first fully backend developer position at a creative agency / hosting company. Most products here involved the own websites for business clients. These were created and maintained with a modular content management system developed internally.

I spent a lot of time here and was involved in many aspect on various projects, including testing, major feature developments and even Javascript bugfixes. The main backend framework was based on PHP, while on frontend a custom set of JS functions and classes were used. Instead of containerization or virtual machines, uniform system settings were preferred for local development.

Key duties:

Junior software developer, Open Minds Ltd.


Jun 2017 - Febr 2018

Company is part of Sonrisa International Inc.. No official specification was given for the field, but in practice, I worked as a junior frontend developer.

Here I learned a lot about the everyday practices at a larger firm. Aside of the implicit knowledge, I was introduced into the agile development, gained significant experience in versioning (Git) and started using issue tracking. (Redmine, JIRA)

My tasks:

Intern, HC Linear IT Development Ltd.


June 2016 - July 2016

A very short job period originally intended to be my obligatory internship fulfillment, required by my university. I had very little to do, most involving the support of the administrative part of the team. As my first job ever, however, it was a refreshing and exciting experience nonetheless. My duties: