Worldbuilding is the creative process of creating an imaginary world, plain and simple. For a very long time, it hasn’t been his own separate activity; instead, it was linked to other creative processes, such as writing or tabletop role-playing.

During and after 2014, I encountered miscellaneous obstacles in the way of my other creative endeavour, and as a culmination of those (with the help of Reddit), I started dealing with worldbuilding as a personal, recreational activity. For a very long time, it was productivity-focused, with the specific strict intention to make something out of it; since 2018 it’s only a soft goal.

In the end, I started to take matters to my own hands, and actually created a handful of things for these worlds that might worth some explanation here.

Terminus Nation

Terminus Nation is intended to be a space western setting with immortal humans and lots of ancient artifacts, the combination of which I though would be a great foundation for endless adventures. At some point in the past it was a collaborative project with crazy ideas; nowadays I just want to be able to tell a story.

Over time, a lot of art were contributed by friends and Redditors, and I even have a chapter written for the presumed storyline.

I hold the domain since 2015 and as of today, I host a Jekyll static site (similar to this one) which, through some customization, serves as the wiki for this project. I used to keep the canon on a Wikidot site which I decided to abandon after Wikidot was hacked. As a result, since mid-2022, a sort of migration / rewriting process is in progress.

While a Git repo hosting a Jekyll blog may not provide every feature I’ve ever wanted for this wiki, so far I’m super satisfied with the potential to keep it simple, stupid. Even the design is largely my own creation and if for nothing, at least it’s readable in the dark and is fast!

I also made some random scripts that would help with the lore-building. These are:

Over time, I’m going to integrate all of these into the Jekyll-based wiki.

Voidshard & Deep Space Blizzard

These are purely recreational worlds I mostly use for daydreaming and to relieve stress since late 2018. Nonetheless, I tried to create some small wiki for those, as well.

Voidshard (wiki) takes place in a world where planets are inverse and the world is filled with water as a World Ocean, rather than having an empty outer space. So far I intend to detail only one such planet in a story about a guy from another planet.

Deep Space Blizzard (wiki) is a cyberpunk-synthwave fusion setting taking place on Earth in an undetermined time in the far future. In late 1989 an alien race besieged Earth in the event known as the Blizzard; humanity eventually won but the planet was reshaped forever. Neon Valley is built on the remains of an unknown Cold War-era country.

As of August 2022, both world wikis are hosted on my own primitive backendless wiki engine, but since I’ve become familiar with Jekyll, it’s most likely I’m going to migrate them, too.